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Metal Garden are a UK based manufacturer and designer of beautiful metal garden ornaments, metal flowers and fire pits.

Our rustic metal garden flowers and garden ornaments are designed and manufactured from the highest quality material to last a life time. The handmade metal flowers draw on nature and the best of modern industrial design to give you an elegant metal flower sculpture for your garden.

The metal flowers are designed to age and weather overtime. As this happens they will acquire a golden lustrous patina making each one a unique, hand made metal flower ornament for you garden.

As with the metal flowers, our Metal Garden ornament range is made in the UK at our Kent workshop. Metal Garden ornaments with their rustic charm add character and style to any garden.

Metal Garden design and make a range of contemporary metal fire pits. The metal fire pits are manufactured using the latest design and laser cutting technology to deliver an outstanding quality product to our customers.

We also provide a wide range of other products for your garden from trellises to metal sheds.

Thank you for buying from us and enjoy your Metal Garden product for many years to come.

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